Soft Skills make a huge difference especially if you are ready for a bigger challenge, have been told to be more strategic, want to get your ideas and recommendations adopted, or are stuck and want to get to your next role.

Many very competent professionals find themselves getting stuck wondering what will give them the needed edge to breakthrough, or to ascent leadership positions. They tell us...

“I'm ready for a bigger challenge, but I don’t know what else I need to do to secure my next role"

“My manager has told me that I need to be more strategic – how do I do that, what does it even mean?”

“I’m told that my ideas are great but that I need to get better at influencing so that I can be heard”

“I’m stuck! I’ve tried everything and can’t get promoted

This is where Soft Skills come in.

Beyond the common Soft Skills such as Communication, Collaboration and Teamwork, research has found that there are 3 'must-have' soft skills mid-career professionals need to have to elevate their leadership potential.

They are...

1. Strategic Thinking

2. Influencing

3. Self-Leadership

However, these skills are not taught in university. In fact, they are not taught at work until you get to the upper echelons of leadership, yet you are expected to exhibit them to ascend the leadership ladder.

How is that meant to work? Feels a bit like 'chicken and egg'.

That's why we are focused on getting this knowledge to as many mid-level and aspiring leaders as possible.

So, the question for you is, how competent are you in these must-have soft skills? And, how confident are you that you have mastered the critical Soft Skills to get you to the next chapter without pulling your hair out from stress and frustration. 

If you have a gap, or are curious to find out more, we’ve developed a free practical and insightful mini-course on the 3 Soft Skills. Join us to start implementing these insights at work. You will be glad you took the time.

We kick off on Wednesday 23 June

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Our work helps professionals who have hit a plateau or who are at a crossroads find the clarity to move forward.

We also work with corporate leaders on strategy implementation, culture  and optimising team engagement.

We kick off on Wednesday 23 June

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